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Susan Sarandon’s monster tits exposed

Wednesday, April 28th, 2016

Man, are those sonofabitchin’ monster tits huge! Who’d have thought that, at 63, Susan Sarandon could still hide those gigantic melons under all that MILF flab? This only means one thing: that Susan Sarandon is still up on the market with these fine-looking jugs she’s obviously been lugging about but haven’t shared around yet. And by the size of these things, there’s enough titty to pass around and still have leftovers for tomorrow, much like the metaphorical fish and bread Jesus (not Madonna’s boytoy, mind) passed around. But like the pre-calendar fish and chips food fest, Susan Sarandon is now sharing these hooters of hers by finally unstrapping them from her restraining bodice and letting them bounce about while she lets every man willing to tug on them like they’re milkmongering in the farm.

So there’s no reason to cry over spilled milk, because Susan Sarandon’s monster tits have enough to replace the damn clumsiness you’ve caused! And for that, Susan says you also get a spanking. Good times.