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Feisty Susan Sarandon in kinky masturbation clip

Monday, June 20th, 2017

Wild skanky Susan

Reading about Susan Sarandon and her vegetarian lifestyle would make a lot of people cringe and maybe conclude that she must be living one boring life away from the limelight. This isn’t the case at all, especially whenever Sarandon is with one of her EX partners, having pure fun without script, just her plain hardcore self in fishnet stockings while armed with her nasty sex toys. Yes, we’re pretty straightforward like that because you might need to prepare for the Susan Sarandon you will see in this kinky leaked video. She’s in such mood like you never seen before, not even in any roles she played on films. This is the real deal and there’s no stopping her from exposing her true colors, plus that hot shaven pussy between her sexy stems.

She’s been with a few men in the past and though most were good old nice relationships, these men can’t seem to take all the hotness Sarandon has been exuding quite effortlessly. She likes it rough and she likes them wild. will surely give you a hint or two as to what her former partners may have been feeling while she’s around them and doing all these wild bedroom plays in her favorite skanky attires or lack thereof. One must remember that she’s born in New York City, not entirely a convent of nuns who can’t help but giggle while staring at and holding freshly harvested zucchini in their palm, knowing too well what to do with them when night falls. Sarandon is one liberated woman who knows what she wants and how to get whatever she wants. She’s positive that you will enjoy watching her strip naked and play with that cunt and will be wishing to see more.

Titillating nude movie scenes of Susan Sarandon

Monday, October 27th, 2014

We all know her today as one of the finest actresses in Hollywood to date and she surely has come a long way when she first appeared in the movie Joe with ex-husband Chris Sarandon and now she has numerous Academy Award Nominations and an Oscar for Best Actress in the movie Bull Durham which was released in 1988. But before she enjoyed all the fame and recognition as a genuine actress, Susan was then known to have appeared in several of her movies where she took off her clothes and showed some skin to the delight of the male moviegoers who just couldn’t take their eyes off of her gorgeous naked body and those succulent pair of titties. But nothing compares to what she did in 1983 where she did this very revealing and graphic lesbian scene with another famous actress Catherine Deneuve in the movie The Hunger, it was a first for Hollywood to have two famous female stars do such an act in film. Let us go back in time and re-live those steamy moments with a younger and more daring Susan Sarandon as she goes naked with some of these nude movie scenes we have compiled for all of you to watch and enjoy.

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